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Independent Filmmaking's Journal
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Tuesday, May 29th, 2007
11:44 am
Woodstock Film Fest Needs Submissions!
Hye all! Get your work out there in the "fiercely independent" Woodstock Film Festival, a well-respected but still fresh event. The 8th annual WFF (Oct 10-14, 2007) is currently accepting submissions in all categories. Maverick Awards are presented for Best Feature, Best Documentary, Best Short Documentary, Best Short Film, Best Student Film, Best Cinematography, Best Editing and Best Animation. Cash, prizes and/or services are given out in each category. Audience Awards are presented for Best Feature and Best Documentary. Award sponsors have included Lowel-Light, Apple Computers, Final Draft, Post Factory, A&E Indie Films, Markertek, and others. Early Submission deadline June 6 (postmarked). Final deadline July 12 (postmarked). Entry fees from $10 - $50.
Check us out at http://woodstockfilmfestival.com/
Monday, November 20th, 2006
10:13 pm
Support your fellow Student Filmmakers!!!
Greetings fellow filmmakers! I am pleased to announce that MIGHT OF THE TRANSIT EMPLOYEE, the 3min. video my friends and I made in 24 hours for Apple's Insomnia film Festival is on Apple's contest gallery and we need YOUR HELP to make it to the top! Basically we need to accumulate as many votes as possible before the close of voting on December 2nd. If we can at least make it to the top 25 most voted movies, our project will be eligible for judging. Here are the details on how you can help.

You're going to need an Apple account before you can vote. Registering is really simple and free.

To sign up an account:


To see and vote for our project:


Movie Synopsis:

The evil Lord Mercade is desperate for world domination and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He hopes to utilize the scientific knowledge of Dr. Worthington as well as the magical powers of Chamomile the Pixie to destructive ends. Biff Blazer, a full time transit employee is unwittingly flung into the midst of this otherworldly chaos and becomes the only one who can set things right.

Our team was given 24 hours to write, film, edit a 3min. movie and incorporate at least 3 elements Apple released at the start of the contest. The list of elements included:

Required character named: Alex Kona
Required Dialog line: "No, you don't understand what it's like growing up here."
Required costume: Leather jacket and dark sunglasses
Required prop: Ice
Required side kick: Pet monkey
Required setting: Abandoned building
Required shot: Clock with 4:11 on face
Required makeup: Fake eyelashes and blue eye shadow
Required genre: Sci-fi/fantasy
Required Camera effect: Crane or boom shot
Required editing device: Musical montage

Remember our project is called MIGHT OF THE TRANSIT EMPLOYEE. There is an icon of fairy eyes attached to the project. To vote, look in the upper right hand corner of the page and select the "4 stars--Excellent" option. Then click the arrow to the right for the vote to go through. Please get as many friends and family members as you can to help. Really spread the word and the link around; every vote helps! THANKS YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

~Emily ;}
Monday, October 23rd, 2006
4:40 pm
Shorts Film Festival - on soon!
Get your tickets ASAP for the 2006 Shorts Film Festival, 25 - 29 Oct.

Shorts Film Festival
Monday, October 2nd, 2006
4:15 pm
Get your tix for SHORTS 06 & SHORTS 06/AFTRS Master Classes
Shorts 06, one of Australia’s premier national short film festivals and competitions is now on sale!

Shorts 06 will feature:
  • more than 50 of the best short-films from across Australia
  • winning international short films from overseas’ festivals
  • indoor & out-back alfresco screenings, with evening starlight sessions
  • fine food & drink
  • master-classes and information sessions

    From Wednesday 25 - Sunday 29 October the screenings will occur at the iconic Garage Bar & Dining. Evening and matinee screenings give patrons the chance to celebrate some of the best short-films from emerging Australian film-makers.

    SHORTS 06 has limited tickets available for purchase ... so get your tix now because the festival always sells out!

    The SHORTS Film Festival aims to ensure that this premier event remains affordable for its patrons, film-makers and supporters to attend.

    Tickets are available through Ticketek: 13 28 49 or www.ticketek.com

    SHORTS 06 & AFTRS - Master Classes

    The SHORTS Film Festival proudly announces that as part of SHORTS 06, a series of half-day master-classes will be presented in collaboration with AFTRS (Australian Film & Television Radio School) and held at the Garage Bar & Dining, 25 - 27 October 2006.

    Maximise your chances of festival success!
    A Free seminar presented by Ruth Saunders, Distribution Manager at AFTRS.
    Click here for more information and enrolment form

    Horror stories from a design perspective
    Presented by Jon Rohde, Head of Design, AFTRS and Local Production Designer Robert Webb.
    Click here for more information and enrolment form

    The Producer's role in delivering strong story-telling
    A Masterclass with David Lightfoot, acclaimed producer and founding director of the SHORTS Film Festival.
    Click here for more information and enrolment form

    Note: Applications for all three master-classes close on Monday 16 October and enquiries and registration is direct through AFTRS on (08) 8331 9577.

    Film-makers around the nation are waiting to receive news of whether their short film has made the cut into Shorts 06 … confirmation will come through early next week! ... its taken 170 entries, and 44 judges and many weeks to view them all, but the official program will be available on the SHORTS website by Friday 6 October.
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